At the Toy Horse Museum we are convinced that growing up is serious business. For this reason, throughout the year it offers families, schools and volunteer associations special events to support the adventure of growing up. In addition to cherishing precious pieces from the past, the Museum is also a workshop to educate the adults of tomorrow, by organising educational pathways, creative workshops and theatre productions.

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The Toy Horse Museum is a unique place capable of reviving the ancient emotions of toys in adults and of kindling the desire in children to make their own.  The Museum stimulates the imagination of children and helps them come into contact with beauty and develop an enterprising spirit in a simple and fun way. For this reason, the Museum has developed a rich educational offering for families.

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A day at the Museum is a unique experience for children as they explore a place that stimulates their imagination and brings them into contact with beauty and culture in an informal and engaging way. For this very reason, the Museum has developed an educational offering for kindergartens and elementary schools. Each pathway includes a visit to the Museum collections and an educational workshop to make your own toy horse.

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The Toy Horse Museum has always been particularly attentive to those organisations that take care of children.
Among the many activities of the Toy Horse Museum, educating young generations is definitely one of its most heartfelt responsibilities. In the firm belief that all children have a right to happiness, fun and culture, the Toy Horse Museum has developed INVITATION TO THE MUSEUM dedicated to children living in situations of neglect and hardship.